i-Park @ SiLC

July 25, 2011

A key factor when considering a location for your business operations is the accessibility factor and its ability to accommodate your business –both of which i-park excels at.

Beyond infrastructure and logistic connectivity, these factories are designed to perfectly accommodate the practical needs of today’s industries with the following exceptional features:

  • Prime location that is easily accessible via a network of highways and roads
  • Modern facade with excellent infrastructure and amenities
  • Unique factory size of about 12,000 sq.ft. (suitable for small industries)
  • Double security system – Gated security from SiLC together with gated and guarded security within the development
  • Concealed drainage system and concealed utilities services that lead to individual factory
  • Quality materials used in construction therefore eventually improving property resale value
  • Availability of skilled workers from residential developments in Nusajaya
  • Close proximity to prominent industrial areas in Singapore such as Jurong and Tuas, allows for easy expansion of businesses
  • Developer with vast experience in creating high quality factories with an understanding of its clientele’s needs
  • Green and conducive environment

Gated & Guarded

  • A Secure Environment For Your Business
  • A significant factor that makes i-Park the best choice for your business is the unrivalled security that keeps your business safe and secure at all times.
  • In addition to the unique Double Security System which combines the gated security of the SiLC with the gated and guarded security features of the i-Park itself, the other security features include:
    • Boom gate with access card system
    • CCTV Surveillance
    • 24 Hours Security


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